about us

"The longest journey begins with the first step" - it was the same for us

It all started in 1997

It all started in 1997

The beginning

After years of successful hobby breeding, I decided to expand my hobby as a second mainstay. In 2007 I registered the business and built a fish house on my property. At that time there were 70 aquariums with a total volume of 20,000 liters.

Since I place high demands on myself and my offspring, success was not long in coming. In 2010 the question was: continue to develop the fish house or expand. The latter won and "we grew..."

The goal

Right from the start, our goal was to present a familiar aquarium system in which you immediately feel comfortable. For this reason, we have not only furnished our shop comfortably, but also calculated our prices fairly. The feedback from our customers has shown that we have succeeded.

To the staff

We are a family-run business and everyone has their duties and tasks. Our employees are all thoroughbred aquarists and you can rely on everyone 100%, because for all of us it is a big XXXL hobby and everyone is behind it with heart and soul. We all have a lot of fun working with our fosterlings!

By arranging an appointment by telephone, we only take the time for you and can be fully at your disposal with professional advice when you visit the shop. Of course, we are experts according to §11 of the TierSchG.

The facility today

Today our company can proudly present a comfortable and clean breeding facility.

At the moment we have 1000,000 liters of water in more than 2500 aquariums.

The entire facility is on one level. Total area: approx. 3000m².

The furnishings in warm tones and the appropriate African decoration do the rest. A warm flair comes across and you feel that you are in good hands with us. You can spend hours in the wide aisles, where nobody stands in the way, watching the fish and enjoying the whole thing endlessly with light, cozy music...

The focus of the system is 80% Malawi cichlids.

Our fish

Fish that we offer you come from our own breeding (approx. 80%) and/or from reputable and well-known suppliers/breeders from Germany with whom we have been working for years. That means: WFNZ (wild caught offspring or also F1), F2, F3 or fish from selective breeding.

We wish you a lot of fun with the beautiful hobby and hope to welcome you soon in our house!