Aulonocara red dragon Albino

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German quality breeding

Posture temperature: 24-26 degrees

Water values: pH 7.5-8.5

Behavior: well tolerated, revierbildend when spawning.

Food: Accepts almost all dry, frozen and live food. With us the animals get only our cichlid food which we highly recommend! Can be ordered with the fish (in case of shipping), costs in this case no surcharge for shipping.
Attitude: a male with several females. In a group of 6-10 animals (or more) possible with multiple males. It depends on the pool and furnishings as well as the remaining inhabitants of the aquarium.

Facility: Stone structures for retreat are recommended. Subsoil is fine sand / gravel.

Size: Sales size can be found under "Selection" and is freely selectable. Please always choose the right size between males and females. Do not choose a 8-10cm male and a 4-5cm female. That will not work out. It is that the little female is intended for another (small) male. The only as info.

Please note the following when choosing the size

4-6cm - still no color (except some Mbuna)

6-8cm - dyed (robber still colorless)

8-10cm - in color (becoming tall robbers still colorless)

10-12cm - here also the robbers begin to color

This information should serve as a guide. Of course, there are also differences in the many different species / genera ...

Photos: Pictured photos show our breeding animals in courtship mood and may differ from the current sales bulls.

Shipping: the question arises for you: "how is it going with the fish shipment?" Very easily! Read HERE everything about our professional shipping service. We deliver to your door!

Other: Information about final size, space requirements, etc. of each individual kind you get with us as well. Ask us.