Slimline back wall

Slimline back wall

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the slim(3cm) and endless back wall

Combine the necessary elements for the design of the aquarium back wall.

The various elements A, B, C can be combined with one another according to your own taste.

All variants are possible due to the overlapping of the elements on the right side. Due to the overhang, you cannot see the joints between the sections.

The cut is made from the back. With a sharp and pointed measuring device (cutter knife, etc.), pull the cut 5-10 times through the same notch. Alternatively, the rear wall can be divided with a hand saw or jigsaw.

The gluing

Before gluing in, ALL slimline segments should be cut to size and adapted to the aquarium. The best thing to do is to adjust / run all "dry" again and see again whether everything fits ...

Put a frame made of silicone on the slimline plate and then again a "cross" from one corner into the other of the back wall. Always start with the section that was cut to size.

The first part is now pressed firmly onto the glass. Make sure that the upper section extends approx. 5mm above the future water level.

Now glue all the other pieces into the aquarium in the same way. Complete and stick to the already inserted first section. A thin trace of silicone should be applied to the transition between the plates on this section.

The silicone is dry after about 24 hours. Then the aquarium can be filled with water.

The color gradient may differ from the photo.