about us


It all started in 1997. It was probably like all malawi infected people ...

The beginning:
After years of successful hobby breeding, I decided to expand my hobby as a second pillar. In 2007 I registered the business and built a fish house on my property. At that time there were 70 aquariums with a total volume of 20,000 liters.
As I set high standards for myself and my offspring, success did not take long to come. In 2010, the question was: continue to expand or expand the fish house.
The latter has won and "we have grown ..."
Today, our family business can proudly present a cozy and clean breeding facility.

The goal:
Our goal was to present a family aquarium plant right from the start where you feel right at home. For this reason, we have not only set up our store comfortably but also fairly calculated our prices. The response of our customers has shown that we have succeeded.

To the staff:
We are a family business and everyone has their duties and responsibilities. The good thing: you can rely on every 100%, because for us, as a family business, it is a big XXXL hobby and everyone is behind it with heart and soul. We all have a lot of fun working with our fosterlings!
By appointing an appointment by phone, we only take time for you and, when visiting the shop, we can provide you with full professional advice. Of course we are knowledgeable according to §11 of the TierSchG.

The attachment:
We currently have 1000,000 liters of water distributed over more than 2000 aquariums.
The entire facility is on one level. Total area: about 3000m².
The wooden furniture in warm tones and the corresponding African decoration do the rest. It comes over a warm atmosphere and you feel in good hands with us. You can watch the fish for hours in the wide corridors where no one is in the way, and enjoy the whole infinite with light, comfortable music ...
The focus of the plant is 99.5% Malawi cichlids.

Our fish:
Fish we offer you come from our own breeding (about 80%) and / or from reputable and well-known suppliers / breeders from Germany with whom there is a long-standing cooperation. This means: WFNZ (wild catch breeding or even F1), F2, F3 or fish from selection breeding. Fish from Eastern Europe or from Asia can not be found here.

We wish you a lot of fun with the beautiful hobby and hope to welcome you soon in our house!