Fish delivery

Fish delivery by night express

no problem with us!


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Order around the clock! The whole year!

In cooperation with suitable forwarding companies we deliver the fish
right up to your front door
safely and professionally packed!


that's how you order

1. You comfortably choose fish and put them in the cart. Male / female ratio can be chosen.
2. After you have all the fish in your shopping cart, go to "checkout" and enter the requested data (address, etc.). You can also have the fish delivered to a different address.
3. Now select the correct delivery type. Depending on what is in the basket (fish or food or both), the shipping costs are different.
4. Then please select your desired payment method: currently only prepayment possible.
5. After everything is entered send the order. After a check we will send you a confirmation via e-mail. It contains all the important data you need and how it goes on.
6. After receipt of the amount with us, we contact you immediately and arrange a delivery date. You decide on which day we should deliver the fish, provided that it suits us as well.
Delivery days: Tuesday - Thursday. No delivery on a Monday, Friday, Saturday or public holiday and the day after the holiday (we can not ship on a holiday).
7. After the appointment confirmation / agreement we prepare the fish for transport.
8. Animals will be picked up from us on the day of despatch around 2pm and arrive the day after between 8am and 5pm. After picking up with us we will send you an info-mail that the fish are on their way.
It may take up to 2 days abroad for the fish to arrive, it is not a problem for the fish, they have enough oxygen. If it is the case that the fish are travelling for two days, you should be at home at they`re arrival.
You are always up to date!
9. Fish arrive at you. They take the thermobox and get used to the acclimatization ...
10. Shipping / conversion / habituation of live animals takes place exclusively on own risk of the buyer!
Since we invariably pack healthy and strong animals, the failure rate is very low when shipping fish. But it can happen due to the stress and transport!
11. Depending on which species are ordered, it may come to confusion of species / genus on arrival. Especially with the females. To prevent this from happening, we will note the bags with a number. The number on the bag represents the item number on the invoice.
EXAMPLE: Number 1 on the bag is the fish under position number 1 on the bill.




Habit / water balance *

Make the fish on arrival a vital impression then do the following:
1. Pour the fish, together with the transport water, into a container and let the water from the aquarium, where the fish comes in later, slowly flow through a 4 / 6mm air hose (beware of flooding!) *. Stop the water supply every 10-15 minutes and take a 15-minute break. Thus, the fish can get used to the new water better and slower.
A soda stone in the vessel / container is desirable!
After approx. 2 hours ** (depending on condition) you can use the fish with a landing net in the aquarium. Once the fish have been tipped, they should be returned immediately to the equalization tank and the water adjusted as described under point 2.
The transport water should never get into your aquarium!

If the fish are lying motionless on arrival ...
During the cold season, it may happen that the temperature in the transport containers cools down a bit too much. Most fish tolerate this without any problems and there are no consequential damages. However, they are sometimes limited by the cooler temperatures in their ability to move, so it is easy to get the impression that they are dead. This is usually not the case.
In such a case, please proceed as follows:
2. It is important that the water temperature of these fish is not raised too fast! Therefore, you should place the sealed fish transport bags on the water surface for about 1 hour before opening them. In the transport bags is still on arrival at you enough oxygen, so that the fish survive this procedure easily.
Thus, the temperature can be adjusted slowly, which is very important. Then proceed as described under point 1. ...

                     * No liability for consequential damages! ** deviation possible!