Cichlid food

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Cichlid food - our house granules

fully extruded cichlid food

Our premium house granules for all ornamental fish where:

• brilliant color and shine

 • healthy and fast growth

are desired.

All our fish (Mbuna & Nonmbuna) get this granulate without softening it.

Due to its particularly easy digestibility, a large increase in pollutants is avoided. This in turn benefits the vitality of the fish.

Food sinks so that all fish, big or small, get the right amount.

The plus point for all hobby breeders and aquarists!

For a change, we also recommend the Mbuna mix, especially if you maintain Mbunas, so you can offer a different menu every day.

The food is always freshly packaged and needs to be consumed within one year of receipt.



Dust: 0.3-0.5mm - for fish from 1 to 4cm (rearing food)

fine: 0.5-0.8mm - for fish from 4 to 6cm

medium: 0.9-1.6mm - for fish from 6 to 8cm

coarse: 1.3-2.0mm - for fish from 8 to 13cm and more

Ingredients: fish meal / wheat flour / fish oil / monocalcium phosphate

Protein 62%, fat 10%, crude fiber 0.7%, ash 8.8%, Vitamins: Vitamin A 13,580 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 1,350 IU / kg, Vitamin E 272 mg / kg, Vitamin C 291 mg / kg


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